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TP85 GaN-III 85W Universal Travel Adapter

TP85 GaN-III 85W Universal Travel Adapter

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Minix TP85 85W Travel Charger is built for convenience and power. It uses advanced GaN III technology to charge devices quickly and efficiently in a small size. It supports fast charging with PD 3.0 and Qualcomm Quick Charge 4+. Designed for international use, it works in over 180 countries. It also includes safety features like dual 10A fuses to protect against power surges, ensuring your devices are safe while charging. Simple and effective, this charger is a great travel companion for anyone needing to power multiple devices on the go.

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  • GaN III Technology

    The Minix Universal Travel Adapter leverages advanced GaN III technology for efficient, high-speed charging in a compact design, ensuring maximum portability and performance wherever you go.

  • PD 3.0 Qualcomm 4+

    Equipped with PD 3.0 and Qualcomm Quick Charge 4+, the Minix charger delivers ultra-fast charging, optimizes power efficiency, and ensures device safety with advanced thermal management, supporting a wide range of devices with maximum compatibility and charging speed.

  • Double Fuse Safety

    Our travel plug adapter features a dual 10A fuse system—one active and one spare—ensuring continuous protection against over-current, over-voltage, and short-circuits. Certified by RoHS, CE, and FCC, it guarantees safe and reliable charging, complete with fire-retardant casing for peace of mind while traveling.

Safety First

Our new travel adapters feature a safety mechanism that prevents electrical shock by ensuring that all pins must be fully and correctly inserted before making a connection, eliminating the risk of partial and unsafe contacts.

Worldwide Compatibility

Our travel adapter offers unparalleled worldwide compatibility, functioning in over 180 countries across US, UK, EU, and AUS plug types. It ensures hassle-free device charging globally

All in One Design

Our all-in-one travel adapter is a powerhouse with dual voltage (100-250V)support and a 2500W max output, perfect for general appliances and USB devices. It features integrated USB charging solutions, making it indispensable for global travelers seeking a versatile charging experience.