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C1 USB-C to HDMI Wireless Display Dongle [UK]

C1 USB-C to HDMI Wireless Display Dongle [UK]

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Introducing the C1, the groundbreaking USB-C to HDMI Dongle Transmitter and Receiver that redefines connectivity. With a plug-and-play setup, this dongle requires no drivers or apps, ensuring a seamless experience. Its universal compatibility spans across laptops, tablets, smartphones, including the latest iPhone 15 Pro - offering flawless connectivity and stunning UHD 1080P 60Hz visuals. Choose between mirror or extend mode effortlessly to suit your needs. Transmitting up to 50 meters/164 ft, its compact size ensures portability without compromising functionality. Streamline entertainment with uninterrupted one-to-one transmission, bypassing Wi-Fi logins for a direct, reliable 5GHz connection. Experience instant device swapping and content sharing for teaching, gaming, or collaborative projects - ushering in unprecedented convenience and versatility.
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  • Effortless Setup

    Enjoy a hassle-free experience with our plug-and-play design—no drivers or apps required. Skip the tedious Wi-Fi logins; our device operates independently, ensuring a direct and reliable connection.

  • Crystal Clear UHD 1080P60Hz

    Experience stunning video quality with ultra-high-definition resolution at 60Hz, ensuring sharp and vibrant visuals. Enjoy swift and lag-free transmission with our 5GHz connection, ideal for high-bandwidth activities like gaming and video streaming.

  • Flexible Display Options

    Choose between mirror or extend mode to suit your needs, whether it's duplicating your screen or expanding your desktop for enhanced productivity.

DP-ALT Port Compatibility

Experience seamless connectivity with our Minix C1 USB-C to HDMI wireless display dongle. Enjoy high-definition content effortlessly, requiring a USB-C port supporting DP-ALT mode for the C1 to function.

  • Extended Range

    Transmit video signals up to an impressive 50 meters/164 ft, providing flexibility in your setup and eliminating the need for cumbersome cables.

  • iPhone 15 Compatibility

    Seamlessly connect your iPhone
    15's new USB-C port with the C1 USB-C to HDMI dongle. Unlike Apple iOS AirPlay, which
    is limited to Apple devices, our dongle offers cross-platform compatibility.

  • Instant Swap and Share

    Effortlessly switch between devices and share content in real-time, whether it's for teaching, entertainment, office collaboration, or home improvement projects.


USB-C transmitter (Tx)+ HDMI receiver (Rx)

Video resolutions up to 1080p@60Hz



To power the receiver, you'll need an external USB-A power source with a minimum of 5V/0.5A output.

Compatible Devices
Laptops, Game Console (*1) or Smartphones that support DP-Alt video output

*1 - The Nintendo Switch requires the original dock for support. To enjoy a wireless gaming experience, utilize our H1 HDMI dongle with the original dock station.

*Latency could affect your FPS intensive gameplay experience.